In 2005, the Nine Lives Foundation rescued the real life Rupert and Isabella from a Bay Area Humane Society where they had been slated for euthanasia — because they were deemed "un-adaptable." Rupert and Isabella came to live with me shortly after they arrived at Nine Lives, and the three of us have been inseparable ever since. In 2007, we began writing our first book together.

Nine Lives is a non-profit, no kill shelter that has saved the lives of countless kitty cats, just like Rupert and Isabella. We strongly encourage you to include their foundation in your charitable donations. (click here to visit their web site).

Now that we've had a chance to share some of our stories with you, we've started to receive some interesting reader mail. Click here to see our responses or to submit your own questions.

Also, we're learning how to use a new camcorder machine. Check back soon for clips from Rupert's Video Blog.

How to Wash a Cat

Nine Lives Last Forever

How to Moon a Cat

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Who says there's not room for two cats up here? Rupert and Isabella

Rupert and Isabella share a windowRupert and Isabella